Telecommunications Industry Overview

Our service to the telecommunications industry has given us a deep understanding of the unique needs affecting this industry—from competitive pressures, regulatory compliance and ever-increasing labor and employment challenges. Our telecommunications clientele includes wireless carriers, Caller ID companies, telemarketers and call centers. By working closely with our clients on a wide variety of matters, we gain a detailed understanding of how they operate and grow. This insight enables us to advise them at a strategic level—enabling them to avoid costly roadblocks. Invariably, the result is more effective and efficient representation.

A Suite of Services

The services we offer the telecommunications industry include:

  • Commercial Litigation—Representing companies in all facets of commercial disputes, including antennae facility license and lease controversies, as well as contract, restrictive covenant, and public procurement disputes.  We routinely appear before state and federal courts and administrative tribunals on behalf of telecommunications companies.
  • Telemarketing Disputes—Representing companies in disputes arising out of the Federal Telemarketing Sales Rule and Do-Not-Call Registries.
  • Environmental—Helping companies comply with environmental regulations, including compliance, permitting and remediation.
  • Employment and Labor—Defending companies against claims made by employees, including wage and hour, discrimination, and family leave matters. We also provide assistance in dealing with unions and employee groups.
  • Bankruptcy and Financial Restructuring—Helping distressed companies reorganize, retool, recover and rebuild, as well as protecting creditors rights in bankruptcy and related proceedings.
  • Land Use and Real Estate—Negotiating commercial leases and working with clients on developing projects from concept to completion
  • Insurance Coverage—Counseling companies on insurance coverage and litigating to secure that coverage