Governmental Affairs

The Porzio, Bromberg & Newman Governmental Affairs team assists clients with legislative and regulatory matters as well as business development and procurement services at the State and Federal levels. Our significant contacts in and knowledge of the New Jersey Legislature and Executive Branch, Congress and several federal agencies ensure timely access to critical information and key decision makers. We provide our clients with strategic guidance and counsel grounded in the wealth of business and political experience our team possesses. 

Our services include: 

  • Tracking industry developments at both the state and national level 
  • Counseling on existing or proposed laws that impact a client and/or its industry 
  • Intervening as necessary with any state or federal agency with jurisdiction over issues affecting a client’s business 
  • Representing clients before legislative panels and administrative bodies 
  • Drafting legislative or regulatory proposals and securing appropriate sponsors to advance these measures 
  • Coordinating with local and national trade groups to advance the interests of both the client and the affected industry 
  • Cultivating and coordinating grassroots and grasstops support for the client’s interests 

Our attorneys have experience working in, and with, state and federal governments. Additionally, our firm has two retired judges and a retired New Jersey Supreme Court Justice, who lend their experience to the team. 

Our familiarity with all three branches of government combined with a commitment to helping clients to interact effectively with government decision makers are the hallmarks of our Governmental Affairs team. 

To view a PDF of our Governmental Affairs brochure, please click here.