Mergers and Acquisitions

Our Mergers and Acquisitions team offers practical, focused and effective advice.

The practice area is led by attorneys with decades of business and legal experience who have served as outside counsel, in-house counsel and senior officers of public and private companies. 

Our attorneys have handled the acquisition of more than 50 companies while working as both outside lawyers and in-house counsel. Working on all sides of a deal, they have gained rare insight into M&A transactions. 

  • We get it done smoothly. We understand what is essential to accomplishing the transaction—and what is a distraction. We will never over-lawyer the documents for a transaction.
  • We have a practical perspective. Having been on the client side of these transactions, we understand a client’s concerns. We also understand practical issues such as the time and resource constraints of the in-house team, and work with our clients to address them.
  • We get clients the deal that they want. We know how to help clients achieve their business goals while protecting their interests—in a way that will not needlessly complicate a deal (or result in unnecessary legal fees).
  • We make good partners. We work with our clients and will not “take over” a deal. We work closely with the management team to make it happen.