Fraud and Abuse

Porzio attorneys regularly counsel life sciences companies on the risks of fraud and abuse, particularly those raised by federal and state anti-kickback laws, as well as the federal False Claims Act.

We work with companies to minimize risks and best structure programs to achieve business objectives without running afoul of the law.  Specific services include:

  • Prepare corporate compliance programs designed to detect and prevent fraud and abuse, and training on such programs
  • Conduct internal and field-based monitoring and auditing programs, and assistance with any resulting investigations
  • Consider unique fraud and abuse concerns raised by product sampling and voucher programs, free product and patient assistance programs, and reimbursement support services
  • Review contractual arrangements with healthcare practitioners, suppliers, wholesalers and managed care organizations

Additionally, our subsidiary, Porzio Life Sciences, LLC, offers a database containing searchable summaries of compliance requirements resulting from various Corporate Integrity Agreements, Deferred Prosecution Agreements and Non-Prosecution Agreements.  The database allows users to search summaries of these agreements by product, risk area, statutory violation and agreement obligation, among others.