Publication Planning and Communication of Clinical Trial Results

Porzio has more than 10 years' experience assisting life sciences companies with nearly all aspects of medical publication planning and communication of clinical trial results.  We develop practical, unique and comprehensive approaches to assist life sciences companies traverse this critically important and ever-changing landscape.  We: 

  • Develop publication plans
  • Create policies and procedures regarding medical publications
  • Conduct audits of companies’ adherence to publication plans and related policies and procedures
  • Develop policies and procedures regarding clinical trial registries
  • Develop policies and procedures regarding the communication of clinical trial results
  • Advise companies on appropriate acknowledgement and disclosure of authorship, contributorship, and funding and potential conflicts of interest, including requirements of the  International Committee of Medical Journal Editors
  • Advise on legal and compliance issues related to the use of professional medical writers
  • Prepare template agreements for healthcare provider authors and medical publication vendors
  • Advise on federal and state obligations and industry standards related to the disclosure of clinical trials and clinical trial results