Porzio’s employment group has substantial experience working with every type of life sciences company.  Whether a client is large or small, publicly traded or private, or has a unionized workforce, at-will employees, or independent contractors, we can assist you in navigating the unique and often difficult challenges presented by the byzantine of state and federal regulations governing life sciences companies.
Employment Counseling: Preventative Advice
We provide strategic legal advice and services to help life sciences companies minimize the risk of employment litigation anticipation and forethought are an employer’s best line of defense in preventing both costly employment litigation and disruptive regulatory investigations.  Porzio provides cost-effective and thorough legal advice to in-house counsel, human resources representatives, and management teams to reduce risk. 

Employment Counseling: Audits And Training Programs
We have extensive experience conducting in-house training programs for our clients on a variety of workplace issues.  We have developed and conducted training programs on:

  • Appropriate hiring practices
  • Conducting employment evaluations
  • Employee privacy issues and monitoring of employees
  • Off-duty conduct and discipline related to same
  • Internal investigations

Our team routinely conducts workplace audits in a variety of areas, including:
  • Wage and hour compliance
  • Employee handbooks and personnel policies
  • Employment evaluation practices
  • Hiring practices

Our team also counsels clients through periodic email-blast updates, a monthly Employment Law update, and an annual Employment Law Forum where we provide both CLE credits to in-house counsel and HR credits to human resource professionals.  Our annual Employment Law Forum also provides our life science industry clients with an opportunity to connect and network with each other.
Protecting Your Company’s Assets

We understand the ever-increasing importance of protecting your company’s trade secrets, intellectual property, and human resources against outside poachers and unfair competitors.  Now, more than ever before, the competition in the life sciences industry is fierce.  We are uniquely equipped to partner with your company to protect your assets from internal as well as external threats.  

Attorneys in our employment group frequently partner with attorneys in our intellectual property group to provide counseling as well as litigation services.

Employment Litigation Defense
We defend employment law claims on behalf of life sciences companies in the following areas:

  • Wage and hour disputes, both collective actions and individual claims
  • Discrimination
  • Whistleblowing
  • Retaliation
  • Harassment and hostile work environment
  • Violations of state and federal leave statutes
  • Breach of contract, including non-compete and non-solicitation agreements
  • Promissory estoppel
  • Failure to accommodate disabilities
  • Slander, libel, and defamation
  • Civil rights violations
Class Action Litigation Defense

The life sciences industry has been on the receiving end of a significant increase in the number of class action and collective action lawsuits over the last decade.  These types of cases are particularly appealing to plaintiff attorneys and government agencies and can be particularly costly and disruptive to employers if not handled appropriately from the outset.  

Our employment attorneys are well-versed in defending against all types of multi-plaintiff employment claims.  We bring the following to bear in each case:  

  • Creative defense strategies designed to defeat class certification at an early stage
  • Partnering with our experienced life science marketing and public relations team to minimize Contain the impact of high-profile litigation
  • Effective use alternative dispute resolution to achieve early resolution
  • A highly-talented and experienced group of paraprofessionals with advance degrees and paralegal certifications to cost-effectively pursue our client’s interests
Collective Bargaining, Labor Relations, and Grievance Disputes

Our labor lawyers have broad experience assisting our life sciences clients in preparing for and avoiding union organizing campaigns and in resolving unfair labor practice charges before the National Labor Relations Board, the New Jersey Public Employment Relations Commission, and the New York State Employment Relations Board.

Our attorneys also have broad experience in the negotiation and administration of collective bargaining agreements, including grievance arbitration proceedings.