Land Use and Redevelopment

Developing and repurposing the use of land in the State of New Jersey has become increasingly difficult as new laws and regulations impose restrictions and extra layers of government oversight. At every turn in the development process, resistance and complications seem to surface quickly at the municipal, county and state levels, confusing what started out as a clear vision of development.

Navigating through this process successfully, expeditiously and cost effectively requires a level of experience and ability that is second nature to Porzio’s Land Use and Redevelopment team.

Land Use

With over 35 years of experience, our team has successfully prosecuted thousands of development applications throughout the State. 

Our background includes extensive experience obtaining approvals and permits from:

    • Municipal Planning Boards
    • Municipal Zoning Boards
    • County Planning Boards
    • County Soil Conservation Districts
    • New Jersey Highlands Council
    • New Jersey Council on Affordable Housing
    • New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection
    • New Jersey Department of Community Affairs
    • New Jersey Department of Transportation

We Have Unique and Diversified Development Experience

Our team proudly takes credit leading a wide range of development projects through to build-out, inclusive of:

  • Residential (Single-Family Projects, Subdivisions, Multi-family, Mixed-use  and Nonprofit Development)
  • Restaurants and Fast-Food Establishments
  • Gas station upgrades and convenience stores
  • Self-storage facilities
  • Auto dealerships
  • Retail Centers
  • Professional Office Parks
  • Bank Branch Centers
  • Surgical Centers
  • Solar Fields
  • Industrial Parks and Warehouses

Our land use attorneys assess and address hidden development constraints early on, such as identifying potential environmental constraints, traffic issues, acoustic violations and related regulatory issues.

Forming a Winning Team Together

A diversified development team is imperative in order to achieve a successful outcome. Our land use attorneys participate in a large network of design and planning professionals who often join our development team to secure various agency approvals. To achieve client goals we regularly collaborate with engineers specializing in civil design, structural, traffic and acoustic areas of expertise; architects; professional planners and environmental consultants.


Porzio has extensive experience representing developers with numerous projects throughout New Jersey. We help developers navigate the redevelopment process, from initial designation through project construction.

Our attorneys coordinate with developers, county and state agencies, consultants and other stakeholders to transform community properties. Examples of our services include:

  • Processing and presenting redevelopment projects on behalf of redevelopers before Planning Boards;
  • Working in conjunction with developers and municipalities on the formulation of redevelopment plans; and
  • Assisting redevelopers pursuing long term tax exemptions (PILOT) including the negotiation and drafting of financial agreements with municipalities.

Clients also benefit from Porzio's Environmental Law practice and extensive network of consultants.